About Us

Watch us get fit was launched in September 2018 to tackle physical inactivity in primary schools in the UK. We believe young children only get one shot at childhood so together we have to do our best to ensure they live happier, healthier and more resilient lives.

With Garmin Vivoki devices and a personalised school’s dashboard, we have seen a massive increase and drift in primary school activity. Some schools have gained 104% increase in steps during the school day without any spear carrier for employment, for you busy teaching staff.

To add to this, we reward the school on an average of £50 cashback per pupil for taking constituent. Could there be any better way to reward your children and school for being active?

Watch Us Get Fit ‘Taking steps to a healthier future’ and ‘Giving children a life long love of being active’.

Watch Us Get Fit has become more extensive through exploring other avenues such as, working with Families in Knowsley health, GP-funded social prescribing with Care Merseyside, Business work place to help promote positive mental health with The Sovini Group and in Ireland with DLR Leisure.

We believe WUGF improves fitness, mental health and wellbeing, a sense of belonging and this is all through the power of Physical Activity.

‘Every person deserves a brighter future’ Quote Jamie Carragher