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Jamie Carragher ‘Watch Us Get Fit’ are pleased to announce the launch of a pilot activity tracking programme for individuals, families, communities, teams and schools in the Ballyogan area. Working in partnership with DLR Leisure, the programme will use Garmin Vivoki Fitness trackers to track and report daily steps, calories burned, daily distance and active minutes achieved by users during managed PE and sports coaching sessions.

The WUGF programmes offer 2 options, anonymous and specific tracking, both of which will be piloted over the next few months to assess impact and provide feedback on fitness levels of the participating clients.

Clients will wear activity trackers during exercise sessions, coaching / PE sessions and the resulting activity data is uploaded automatically to the DLR Leisure activity dashboards to be viewed by the programme administrator. This data is not allocated to any particular individual and is collected and reported by device giving an overall view of the fitness levels of the group as a whole. No personal data is collected or reported.

Individual specific tracking occurs where a tracking device is allocated to a individual and that device is unique to and permanently used by the same person during the course of the programme. This data is only available to the individual / group contact and DLR Leisure administrator.

Developed for the Garmin Vivoki trackers and Vivohub 2 remote client the system tracks daily steps, active minutes, calories burned and intensity in real time during the activity day with no staff admin time required.

Activity data is tracked in real time and displayed on customised dashboards for appointed administrators to view by client, group or School.

The Launch also gave Liverpool Legend and England International Jamie Carragher the first chance to pour and drink his first ever Guinness. Ill let you decide the outcome?

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