Watch Us Get Fit creates a happy and healthy competitive environment to encourage pupils to become more active by helping them crush their daily goals. Competing against themselves daily to smash their daily discreet personal best. Also working as a team to compete in online friendly school games across Boroughs, County’s and even international.

Staff and pupils can see all their hard work as individual, Class or even the whole school. How else can we motivate them to keep active? Watch Us Get Fit have linked up with Active points to reward pupils with every step them take. rewarding children with anything between 15%-100% discount vouchers totally up to £50 per pupil.

The Watch us get fit programme is already yielding positive outcomes after a 12 week trial.  Children’s activity was monitored throughout the school day to help encourage and motivate movement. Results show a 104% increase in steps and 100% participation in school PE.

Collecting data from over 3000 school children per week and rewarding them with up to £50 per pupil, without any extra work for your teachers?

Watch Us Get Fit does all your hard work for you collects invaluable data like active minutes for Ofsted regulations, also on your bespoke dashboard your pupils will see Steps , Calories Burned and Distance Travelled.

Vívokí is a small and discreet activity tracker, and students can wear it on their torso or waist, or slip it into a pocket. vívokí is water-resistant and syncs with the supplied vivohubs 2. Students activity is sent wirelessly to our hosted School platform via a wireless access point.

These stations can be installed by the Schools IT department, allowing for hassle-free data uploads from students’ devices. School administrators can then view student progress on the analysis site.

First school to Lapland League 1 schools already making a quick start to the 1,443 miles target after 2 days @StOswaldsCEP @LitherlandMoss @Palace_Fields @OurLadyStarSea OLQOP keep up the good work guys #WUGF @_thedailymile @Carra23 next week we will see a BONUS day!! #Xmas

11:30am @StBellarmine Y4 Leaderboard! Mr Seeckts out in front once again but what will happen after dinner. Freya in 7th place with 1408 steps #wugf #active #dailysteps come on Y4 let’s be active at Dinner 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ #leaderboard

FACT!! Children in primary schools lose 50% of daily activity when kept in at wet break and wet dinners! They lose 50% of steps, and distance covered in a day!! #wugf how can we combat this?

Tuesdays top 10 steppers list and Mr Seeckts is nowhere to be seen well done Y4 @StBellarmine and congrats to Lexie 7th being in the top 10 for the Girls 👍🏻 #girlpower #wugf #schools @southseftonssp @JCSS_Northwest

11:27am after break total steps so far! Lexie is in the top 3 and Emily & Freya in the top 10 keep it going Y4 @StBellarmine make sure we beat Mr Seeckts @southseftonssp #wugf Parents would you like to get involved? Could you beat the Children and teachers? #steps #active #wugf

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